Flat Wet Mop, 18"


A JanSan staple, microfiber flat wet mop is perfect for hard surface dirt removal prior to polishing. Attach to lockable frame (sold separately). *RGB color-matching with Monarach Brands floor care line prevents cross contamination. Using microfiber reduces fatigue while increasing square footage coverage and allows fewer trips to change water/soluton. Can be laundered up to 500x. *Use a specific mop for each room. Unlike traditional cotton mops, microfiber flat mopss take up little space and can be stacked so you may use a mop for every room. Never take the mop that was just used in the restroom and bring those germs out into the general areas and hallways. Clean the bathroom, take off the mop, put in laundry, start fresh with a new mop as you move to a new area. This will make sure whatever germs are in a particular area are contained. Minimum order 10 dozen.

Case Pack 48 Each/Carton
ATD Model# LF-18