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Since 1931, ATD-AMERICAN has seen many challenges but the current situation with the COVID-19 outbreak is unique in its scope and reach.  We have been selling healthcare textile products here in the USA for decades and have the unique capability to make and supply products for hospitals and government agencies quickly.  We are observing CDC social distancing guidelines at our factories and standing by to assist in the response.

Main: 800-523-2300
E-mail :

GSA/Federal Government
Gabrielle Coughlan ext 2268

Inmate Supplies
Prison Industries
Correctional Facilities
Sharon Gowton ext 2256

Colleges and Universities
Dorms and Athletic Departments
Commercial and Healthcare
Nursing Home / Medical
Annette Perry ext 2301

Disaster Relief
Annette Perry  ext. 2301  

Mortuary / Funeral
Annette Perry ext 2301