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Since 1931, ATD-American has supplied government, educational, healthcare and correctional institutions with linens and textiles. We are a GSA schedule supplier to the Federal Government and also make and supply many Berry-Amendment compliant textile products. Whether your needs are bedding, fabrics, towels or other textiles, we can be of service either out of our two manufacturing facilities or from a range of trusted high-quality suppliers. For four generations our family-owned firm has been committed to the highest level of customer service and quality in our industry.

Main: 800-523-2300
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Municipal/State-owned Facilities
Prisons/Jail supplies

Sharon Gowton ext 2256

GSA Contract Administration
Federal formal RFPs
Gabriel Coughlan ext 2268

Colleges/Universities - Western half of U.S.
Federal Facilities/Base Inquiries
Correctional Enterprises/Industry Garment Workshops
Rehabilitation Centers
Arney Rogelberg ext 2339

Colleges/Universities - Eastern half of U.S.
Private Sector Textile Users & Home Crafts
Disaster Relief
Mortuaries & Labs
Annette Perry ext 2301