Multi-Purpose Spill Kit

Multi-Purpose Spill Kit

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Solidifies gallons of various spills. The easy to carry and store molded plastic case fits easily behind a truck seat, or spill response cart. Developed for use by medical, industrial, transportation, and spill response personnel. This kit meets the requirements for compliance with the D.O.T. 1713 hazardous discharge; EPA 623.30 immediate action and 263.31 discharge clean up. Each kit contains: Pair of Nitrile Gloves, Vented Goggles, Respirator, Green-Z? Solidifier, Acid Lock? Solidifier, Alky? Solidifier, Petro Lock Absorbent, Scoop/Scraper, Caution Tape Roll, Drop Cloth, Zammie? Sewer Stopper, Clear Disposal Bags, Twist Ties, D.O.T. Incident Report Tag, Instructions. There is a minimum order of $350 for Safetec products. Made in the USA.

Due to high demand, please expect extended lead times.  

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Vendor Name Safetec of America, Inc
Vendor Style # 15201
GSA Contract # GS-07F-0818N
SIN 852 3
ATD Model# 8N-847430