Heavy Weight Laundry Nets

  • $34.17
  • Each


100% Polyester laundry nets. 5.1 oz/sy with your choice of either a plain top or a drawcord with lock closure.


GSA prices shown are net, discounts have been deducted

Vendor Name HBD Inc
Vendor Style # GT1451, GT1451/DRWCRDLCK, GT1851, GT1851/DRWCRDLCK, GT2451, GT2451/DRWCRDLCK, GT3051, GT3051/DRWCRDLCK
GSA Contract # GS-07F-0818N
SIN 852 7 
ATD Model# 8N-842484, 8N-842485, 8N-842486, 8N-842487, 8N-842488, 8N-842489, 8N-482490, 8N-482491, 8N-482492, 8N-482493, 8N-482494, 8N-482495, 8N-482496, 8N-482497, 8N-482498, 8N-482499