Green Z® Spill Control Solidifier

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  • Carton


At times, workers may be unintentionally exposed to blood and bodily fluid spills along with other harmful substances such as toxic chemicals, biological hazards and chemotherapy agents. To help reduce those exposure risks rely on Green-Z? for improved safety in your spill cleanup operations. Contains fast-acting, superabsorbent polymers. Chlorine Free (safe for use on chemotherapy, glutarldehyde and mercury spills). Elimates splashing by solidifying and turning spills into a semi-solid (gel) mass. Cost effective cleanup solution. There is a minimum order of $350 for Safetec products. Many sizes are available, please contact us if you size isn't listed. Available in 5 oz Shaker Top Bottle (24 each/carton), 15 oz Shaker Top Bottle (12 each/carton, 3.5 lb Bucket, 17.5 lb Bucket and 50 lb Bucket. Made in the USA.

Due to high demand, please expect extended lead times.  

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Vendor Name Safetec of America, Inc
Vendor Style # 42010, 42012, 42015, 42016, 42220
GSA Contract # GS-07F-0818N
SIN 852 3
ATD Model# 8N-847521, 8N-847522, 8N-847523, 8N-847524, 8N-847531