Anti-Fatigue Mats, NewLife™ Eco-Pro

  • $79.95
  • Each


NewLife™ Eco-Pro Anti-Fatigue Mats, the ultimate
employee benefit for workers who stand, are
ergonomically designed to provide the perfect balance
of premium comfort and optimal support. Our
proprietary Cellulon®Polyurethane Technology stands
up to the tough demands of commercial environments
while providing lasting comfort that won't bottom out
over time. Manufactured in the USA, this eco-friendly
line of anti-fatigue mats is certified by the National Floor
Safety Institute for its high traction bottom surface


GSA prices shown are net, discounts have been deducted

Vendor Name Vendor Name: Let's Gel, Inc
Vendor Style # 104-01-2032-1, 104-01-2048-1, 104-01-2072-1, 104-01-2436-1, 104-01-3660-1, 104-01-2032-8, 104-01-2048-8, 104-01-2072-8, 104-01-2436-8, 104-01-3660-8, 104-01-2032-2, 104-01-2048-2, 104-01-2072-2, 104-01-2436-2, 104-01-3660-2
GSA Contract # GS-07F-0818N
SIN 852 3
ATD Model# 8N-847600, 8N-847601, 8N-847602, 8N-847603, 8N-847604, 8N-847605, 8N-847606, 8N-847607, 8N-847608, 8N-847609, 8N-847610, 8N-847611, 8N-847612, 8N-847613, 8N-847614